On-site testing of solar modules

The quality of solar modules is crucial for the economic success of a photovoltaic system. In order to minimize the risks involved in the construction of solar power plants, an AQL sample test of the solar modules on site in the mobile PV laboratory is probably the most important measure. Best case this has to be done before installation, and again after 2 years before the liability is transfered to the owner.

Thanks to state-of-the-art testing technology, on-site testing is nowadays on a comparable technical level like at a stationary lab. Certified flashers and high-resolution EL test systems enable results that are compliant with IEC norms and are accepted by manufacturers.


On-site testing of loose modules

The incoming goods inspection, also known as "Post Shipment Inspection" or "PSI", is the most important component for quality control of the solar modules in order to secure the investment in a solar power plant. Since here often the modules transfer risk is passed from the manufacturer to the installer, should be checked for defects and in case of negative findings directly complained or returned. Testing request...

Check installed modules

In order to be able to evaluate the quality of the installation or also any damage caused by external influences, we offer various approaches to the so-called "in-situ" electroluminescent investigation. The highest resolution random sample analysis of individual modules is the focus here. Together with our partners offer the full-surface, indicative inspection of whole plants with the help of aerial robots as well. Testing request...

Assessment, damage analysis and reporting

Assessment, damage analysis and reporting In order to analyze the effects of the randomly tested module quality on the entire solar power plant, we prepare summary reports at any depth of evaluation. This ranges from the detailed statistical analysis of the performance results with regard to yield losses to the evaluation of the electroluminescence images with regard to assembly, transport and manufacturing defects. In addition, we offer advice and support to the assessment in case of damage or complaints. Contact...