Mobile EL basic

The Mobile EL basic is the first light weight system on the market for in situ high resolution electroluminescence module testing.

With the Mobile EL basic hidden defects - like micro cracks and inactive areas - can be identified quickly and reliable on site. Dismounting of panels for EL testing is not necessary anymore!

Image aquisition in the field for installed panels needs to be done at night time. For loose panels, like at incoming goods inspection, a dark room is suitable to do the testing during the day.



General Data

  • 4Mpixel NIR CMOS camera (actively cooled)
  • EL power supply for c-Si module up to 60V / 15A
  • Module-based stitching of single images (automated by software)
  • Module examination and automatic generation of test reports in PDF format
  • Module size up to 1000x2000mm
  • 24 "monitor and high end PC with UPS (100-240V / 50-60Hz) incl. LED lighting
  • Foldable measuring head made of lightweight aluminum

Software for judgment and reporting


The intuitive software supports the operators decision based on the MBJ judgement criteria and compiles the result into a detailled report which is automatically generated into a PDF document.