In order to realize the module test on site at the highest technical level, we and our worldwide partners need the right testing equipment. MBJ invented and consistently improved the Mobile PV Laboratory for the efficient on-site testing of solar modules, so that today it works on the technical level of conventional stationary laboratories.

Test systems for recording EL images on installed modules achieve the highest image quality. All systems are developed within the MBJ Group and also produced here in Germany. MBJ Services has developed a unique expertise in the production of test equipment for on-site use within the last 5 years.


Mobile Lab

The Mobile Lab was developed by a team of specialists and with the know-how of MBJ Solutions as a unique tool dedicated for on-site testing.  The 3rd generation is again improved and right now released. More...

Mobile EL basic

The Mobile EL basic is a high-resolution electroluminescence test system for loose and built-in individual modules. The components are mounted space-saving in a flight case, so nothing stands in the way for a worldwide use at incoming goods inspection or to examine individual, built-in modules. More...

Smart UV light

With the Smart UV light, MBJ has developed an effective analysis tool to detect microcracks in solar modules easily and cost-effectively using UV fluorescence. For the majority of modules installed in the field, this approach allows the detection of microcracks without any additional resources. The lamp is offered in a complete set so you can get started right away. More...