• On-site quality assurance for solar modules using the MBJ Mobile Lab

    Six testing methods integrated in one system,
    TUEV certified LED Flasher, in deepth analysis on site.
    Secure your investment!

  • Mobile testing of solar modules:
    Precise, independent, low cost!

    MBJ Services and the MBJ partners are the leading experts for testing solar modules on site.

  • In-situ electroluminescence testing:
    No need to take out panels!

    Highest resolution, meaningful results from a light weight mobile test equipment taken directly at your solar farm.

  • Detecting microcracks with UV:
    MBJ Smart UV light


    With this tool, micro-cracks can be detected easily and efficiently on installed modules in the dark. No current or irradiance required.

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Securing your investments in PV power plants

The quality of solar modules is crucial for the economic success of a photovoltaic system. Whether during the construction or acquisition of a solar power plant, a detailed examination of the modules is the most important measure to secure the investment and to ensure the long-term yield.

The modules are tested on the basis of a representative AQL sample. For example, a pallet is tested for each container delivered, and then it is decided in real time whether the quality is sufficient or that the container has to be rejected. For solar farms already installed, modules are randomly selected according to IEC norms over the entire area and then tested on site. Insights are extrapolated to the total amount of installed modules. In this way, the module quality can be determined as best as possible within the scope of a due diligence for example.

MBJ Services invented the Mobile PV Laboratory 2011 and has been developing it ever since. As a leading manufacturer of on-site testing systems for solar modules, together with our global partners, we offer the right services to help you secure your investments.

Easily detect microcracks with UV fluorescence

UV fluorescence is a simple and efficient way to find microcracks in solar modules. Here, the fluorescence of the embedding material is examined.

Where the embedding material (EVA) is completely closed off by the oxygen supply through the backsheet, such as between the front glass and silicon, the majority of the solar modules will form fluorophores with the sun's rays over time.

Irradiation with high-energy UV light will result then in fluorescence of the EVA. In the edges of the cells as well as where the silicon is interrupted by microcracks, oxygen can oxidize the fluorophores, resulting in darker areas. (See example on the right)

MBJ has developed a very effective UV lamp as a cost-effective analysis tool, the MBJ Smart UV light. Everything is included in the inexpensive complete set to go directly to the search for microcracks. In addition, UV fluorescence is now also available as an option for the Mobile Lab.


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our testing equipment
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